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Monday, 17/11/2014

Watch out Optus and Telstra: local councils want to become NBN internet providers

Local councils are already flat-chat maintaining roads and managing rubbish, now they want to add keeping you connected to their to-do list.

Source: SMH

Google, Telstra trial balloon internet in Queensland

Google's mission to bring internet to regional areas of the world via high-altitude balloons has arrived in Australia, as the company prepares to kick off a 20-balloon trial with Telstra in Queensland.

Source: iTnews Australia

State of NBN too uncertain for full corporate plan

The state of the Government’s multi-technology mix national broadband network is currently too uncertain for NBN Co to make forecasts on revenue and rollout targets beyond mid-next year, the company revealed today.

Source: iTnews Australia

Optus switches on 4G in 40 regional areas

Optus is accelerating its 4G rollout across Australian regional areas, with 4G 2600MHz services now switched on in sites across 40 regional centres.

Source: ARN

NBN Co charts course in uncertain waters

NBN Co has used its updated corporate plan, dated 11 November but released for public scrutiny today, to outline ambitious targets for the rollout of the National Broadband Network in its 2015 financial year. But it has also noted significant areas of uncertainty as the government-owned corporation continues its transition to a new model for the NBN rollout.

Source: Computerworld

ACCC urges Federal government to split and sell NBN Co

NBN Co must be split up and sold off to provide a platform for future infrastructure based competition, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman.

Source: ARN

Friday, 14/11/2014

ACCAN examines soaring complaints about telco excess data charges

Complaints about excess mobile data charges have soared by 27.2% from last year, making it a sore issue with consumers, but the market has started responding, with lower per MB charges and flat fees per GB to counter the dreaded bill shock.

Source: iTWire

Game of Thrones pirates can be prosecuted: why Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis are wrong on data retention

When Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney-General George Brandis said the Australian Federal Police and spy agency the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation weren't interested in going after those who pirated shows like Game of Thrones under the proposed data retention regime, they were telling the truth.

Source: SMH

NBN to be a landmark: Alcatel-Lucent

The Australian government's push to make the National Broadband Network a mixture of technologies will likely become a landmark that is followed by other countries, according to Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Thursday, 13/11/2014

NBN Co to work with communities that want to co-fund FTTP

NBN Co has set out in broad outline the principles that will guide the roll out of the National Broadband Network as it continues the shift to a 'multi-technology mix' (MTM) that has an emphasis on the use of the existing copper network for 'last mile' connections to premises.

Source: Computerworld

Fibre to the node becomes default NBN deployment

NBN Co has formally ended the plans to roll out fibre to the premises to 93 percent of Australian premises, mandating that fibre to the node should be the default technology choice.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Yes, people will still pirate stuff even with cheap legal prices

With falling legal download prices still higher than they are in the US and even with streaming movie and music services, there will always be people that pirate.

Source: iTWire

Optus’ 4G cash splash pays off as users jump aboard

Optus is beginning to see tangible results from its $2 billion investment into its 4G network, today reporting an almost 100 percent increase in mobile subscribers to its 4G services.

Source: iTnews Australia

Optus posts 5.4 per cent increase in third quarter profit

Optus has recorded a 5.4 per cent increase in third quarter net profit on the back of a return to growth in operating and mobile service revenue.

Source: ARN

Investors attack ACCC over NBN advice

Australia’s competition watchdog has come under fire from telecommunications investors concerned about the role it played in the conception of the Labor Party’s national broadband network.

Source: iTnews Australia

Piracy warning letters sent to iiNet before film leak

The law firm seeking the details of Australian internet users alleged to have downloaded infringing copies of the film Dallas Buyers Club began sending generic letters to ISPs before the film had even been leaked.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Wednesday, 12/11/2014

ACCAN applauds Telstra for data alerts move

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has welcomed Telstra’s announcement of real time mobile data usage alerts as a win for consumers.

Source: ARN

Tuesday, 11/11/2014

Net discrimination horse has already bolted

When telcos have already begun forming partnerships for content and services to consumers, how exactly can net neutrality be protected?

Source: ZDNet Australia

Turnbull floats sharing of unused spectrum

Public and private sector bodies could be allowed greater access to spectrum that is reserved but not used under a proposal by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to address a shortage of wireless capacity.

Source: iTnews Australia

As Firefox turns 10, Mozilla trumpets privacy

Mozilla today pulled out the PR stops to trumpet the 10th anniversary of Firefox, and in celebration released an interim build of Firefox 33 that includes a new privacy tool and access to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Source: ARN


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