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Tuesday, 20/1/2015

Optus extends 4G Plus to its entire network

The 4G wars continue. Optus is making a big deal of its ‘4G Plus’ technology, which is now available across its entire Australian network.

Source: iTWire

Telstra tests solar fuel cell for backup power

Telstra is trialling the use of hydrogen-based backup power to keep exchange sites up and running in the event of a mains power outage.

Source: iTnews Australia

Optus, iiNet concerned at 'relaxed' NBN infosec rules

Optus and iiNet have voiced concerns that hard-fought rules on how Telstra handles confidential information it receives in the course of migrating users onto the NBN are about to be "relaxed".

Source: iTnews Australia

Monday, 19/1/2015

NBN Co begins fibre-to-the-basement rollout

Approximately 6,000 premises in Sydney, Melbourne, and the ACT will be the first to be connected to the NBN via fibre to the basement.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra to sell 100G service on subsea cables

Telstra will offer 100 gigabit per second connectivity on several subsea cables to meet the need for increased international capacity, particularly the large amounts of bandwidth required for high definition video and ultra-high definition (UHD) television.

Source: iTnews Australia

Alan Jones will be among the first 6000 to be able to benefit from FTTB rollout

Radio personality Alan Jones will be one of the lucky 6000 users across 43 apartment buildings to be the first to be able to join the national broadband network's fibre-to-the-basement (FTTB) rollout by the middle of 2015.

Source: SMH

Thursday, 15/1/2015

How NBN Co will determine what connection you get

NBN Co is beginning to work out the exact process of how it will determine which technology in the 'multi-technology mix' will connect each premises across Australia.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Wednesday, 14/1/2015

Telstra power outage downs BigPond services

A power outage at one of Telstra's data centres shuttered internet services to BigPond customers for up to four hours this morning.

Source: iTnews Australia

Darwin CBD to switch from copper phone lines to optic fibre NBN

More than 700 households and businesses in Darwin are told they need to switch to the National Broadband Network or lose their internet service, but some users of the network say it is no better than their old service.

Source: ABC News

Telstra Bigpond users reporting wide internet outage

Telstra Bigpond customers from across the country have flooded Facebook and Twitter this morning to report an internet service outage, with some saying they've been waiting on hold with customer service for hours.

Source: SMH

Queensland Optus mobile phones change to daylight saving time

Queensland Optus customers had a rude shock on Wednesday morning after their mobile phones clicked over to daylight saving time.

Source: Brisbane Times

Tuesday, 13/1/2015

Australian emergency services seek phone GPS access

Australian emergency service agencies want access to GPS data on phones to locate callers in emergencies, but Telstra has said it is up to users to ensure that GPS applications are turned on.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Australia's broadband ranking isn't Turnbull's fault

To blame Australia's drop in the Akamai State of the Internet ranking for peak and average broadband speeds on the government's decision to move away from fibre to the premises for the NBN defies reality.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Monday, 12/1/2015

Western Sydney NBN cutover starts soon

Written by: Stephen Withers | Published in: Telecoms & NBNParts of western Sydney were connected to the NBN a while ago, and so it's nearly time for other landline phone and internet connections to be decommissioned.

Source: iTWire

Data retention 'an urgent priority': Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis has linked the terrorist attack in Paris and the siege in Sydney to the government's push to pass mandatory data-retention legislation in Australia.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Australian internet speeds rank 44th in the world

A US study has delivered an unwelcome finding about Australian internet speeds, finding that they are well behind the international pack.

Source: ABC News

NBN: HFC transition plan alarms telco coalition

Allowing NBN Co to carry out construction work on Telstra's HFC network before ownership of the network is transferred to the government-owned company risks giving Telstra an unfair advantage over its competitors, according to the Competitive Carriers Coalition.

Source: Computerworld

Revealed: The lucky Sydney suburbs to get NBN next

Over the next two months, about 20,000 homes and businesses in western Sydney will have their landline and internet services replaced by high-speed internet, as the NBN is launched.

Source: SMH

Friday, 9/1/2015

TPG on NBN rival: 'We are not as bad as Telstra'

TPG has said that Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull acted too hastily in issuing a draft regulation forcing the company to develop a wholesale product for its fibre-to-the-basement networks.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Thursday, 8/1/2015

Google, Facebook, eBay slam Australian 'de facto internet filter'

The digital policy group representing giants such as Google, Yahoo7, Facebook, and eBay in Australia have slammed the Australian government's use of the Telecommunications Act to compel ISPs to block websites.

Source: ZDNet Australia


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