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Thursday, 19/3/2015

Coalition calls for NBN committee to be replaced

Coalition senators who are members of the Select Committee on the National Broadband Network have called for the committee to be scrapped.

Source: Computerworld

Data-retention Bill passes Australian House of Reps

The Australian government's controversial mandatory data-retention legislation has passed the House of Representatives with the support of the Labor party.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Offshore storage to be allowed for Australian data retention

Telcos and internet service providers will be able to store the metadata of Australian citizens required under the Government's proposed two-year retention scheme outside of Australia.

Source: iTnews Australia

Police struggling to make good use of metadata: SA police exec

Police are struggling to cope with and make good use of the vast reservoirs of metadata collected during investigations, according to South Australia's assistant police commissioner.

Source: iTnews Australia

Location data to be stored under Australian data-retention regime

Under amendments to Australia's upcoming data-retention laws, the location of a communication will be kept for a period of two years.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Public interest advocate on data retention

The Abbott government has struck a deal with Labor to create a public interest advocate to assess warrants for the communications data of journalists.

Source: Computerworld

MPs raise concerns over metadata storage location and cost

Parliament's Human Rights Committee expresses concerns over the Federal Government's data retention bill and recommends it be changed so authorities have to obtain a warrant.

Source: ABC News

Australian govt to introduce piracy filter legislation next week

The Australian government will introduce legislation forcing ISPs to block websites sharing illicit TV shows, films, and music next week.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Data retention: Noose tightens as Labor bends over

It is an indication of the level of craven cowardice within Labor Party ranks that members of what is supposed to be the Opposition are congratulating themselves on backing the Coalition government's data retention bill that Prime Minister Toby Abbott is seeking to rush through Parliament this week.

Source: iTWire

Wednesday, 18/3/2015

Australia's data-retention debate hits Derpcon Zero

Forget the distraction about journalists and warrants. Government spin and opposition incompetence have just gone off the scale.

Source: ZDNet Australia

iiNet CFO leaves after a week in the job

iiNet's new chief financial officer Michael Howard has left after a week in the job, returning to work back at Officeworks.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra contradicts Brandis on data retention

Contrary to the claims of Australia's Attorney-General George Brandis, telcos will be required to store information that they don't currently store as part of mandatory data-retention legislation, Telstra's chief information security officer Mike Burgess has said.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Data retention – what will the Government pay?

Telco CEOs have asked Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis to disclose the cost of data retention, and how much the Government is prepared to pay.

Source: iTWire

'Dark web' keeps criminals out of reach of metadata retention laws

Criminals and terrorists are taking cover in a part of the web that can't be Googled. It's called the 'dark web', it's growing and Australia's data retention law will do nothing to help police track its most dangerous users, experts say.

Source: SMH

Telco complaints drop to eight year low

Telecommunications complaints are the lowest since 2007, according to figures released by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

Source: iTWire

Telstra expounds on 4G wholesale product

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) will have access to Telstra's 4G service by June next year, although they may not be able to provide full-speed downloads initially for their offerings.

Source: iTnews Australia

Labor gives itself a good back-patting over data retention bill

Labor MPs used the first substantive parliamentary ‘debate’ on data retention to congratulate themselves on their hard work in ensuring that the government’s legislation will be passed.

Source: Computerworld

Tuesday, 17/3/2015

Telstra set to provide 4G wholesale products by June 2016

Telstra has started putting in place the infrastructure and logistics work needed to provide its 4G service as a wholesale product to resellers by June next year.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Brandis to introduce site blocking legislation this week

The federal government plans to introduce legislation this week allowing content owners to apply for court orders to force internet service providers to block overseas file-sharing websites.

Source: iTnews Australia

Optus wants NBN Co to take universal service from Telstra

Optus has argued that Telstra should relinquish its universal service obligations and the associated funding it receives to NBN Co.

Source: ZDNet Australia


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