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Thursday, 11/9/2014

Telstra will extend 700MHz 4G trials next week

Telstra is preparing to extend commercial trials of its 700MHz 4G services to another 20 locations next week.

Source: ARN

ACCC won't block TPG's fibre-to-the-basement rollout

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) won't step in to halt Internet service provider TPG from rolling out fibre-to-the-basement services that could compete with National Broadband Network infrastructure.

Source: Computerworld

Wednesday, 10/9/2014

Australian TV broadcasters encouraged to switch to MPEG-4

Australian Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that the switchover to the MPEG-4 video compression standard for broadcasting will free up spectrum for new uses.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Internet ... slowdown ... day ... is ... here

Hate buffering? Internet slowdown day is here, Wednesday 10th September 2014 across the USA.

Source: iTWire

Netflix is exploiting our rights in Australia: Foxtel

Foxtel won't seek government intervention in stopping Australians from bypassing geoblocks to access Netflix in the United States, stating that it is up to film studios to pressure Netflix to stop 'exploiting' a market it hasn't launched in yet.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Tuesday, 9/9/2014

Telcos to starve piracy sites of ad money

Australia's largest telcos are leading a push to starve illegal downloading sites of money by pulling advertising.

Source: ZDNet Australia

No piracy on our broadband, Foxtel warns users

Before it has even launched its broadband service, pay TV provider Foxtel has promised to take steps to ensure that its customers aren't downloading copyright-infringing TV shows and films online.

Source: ZDNet Australia

DDoS reflection/amplification attacks disrupting ISP networks

Reflection/amplification distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have now become so large that entire ISP networks are getting disrupted, says a networking security expert.

Source: Computerworld

Foxtel vows to crack down on illicit downloaders

Foxtel has vowed to take "reasonable steps" against subscribers who illicitly download movies and TV shows on its network when it starts selling retail broadband services early next year.

Source: SMH

Monday, 8/9/2014

Online copyright infringement isn't 'theft': iiNet

In its response to the Australian government's online copyright infringement discussion paper, iiNet has called for the government to rethink what it means by online copyright infringements.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN Co denies claims of cost-saving fibre 'pilot' study

NBN Co has denied undertaking a pilot study using cost-saving techniques to scale down the cost of rolling out fibre to the premises.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN satellite services hit by power outage

Thousands NBN's satellite service customers were unable to access the internet for several hours on Sunday after a power outage disrupted a ground station in WA.

Source: SMH

Broadband projections fail reality test: Rod Tucker

In their cost-benefit analysis of the national broadband network, the Vertigan panel predicts that in 2023, an average Australian household will require a broadband download speed of 15 megabits per second (Mbps).

Source: Computerworld

Optus woos new customers with $450 credit for cancellation fees

Optus is offering customers who cancel their current contracts and sign with them up to $450 credit.

Source: ARN

BBC wants ISPs to exterminate Australian Doctor Who torrenters

BBC Worldwide has revealed that 13,000 Australians downloaded leaked episodes of the new series of Doctor Who, as the company pushes to force ISPs to keep an eye out for 'suspicious behaviour' of its users downloading large amounts of data.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Sunday, 7/9/2014

Optus seeks to lure new customers ahead of iPhone 6 launch

Optus is looking to capitalise on the estimated 1.2 million customers coming out of their contracts, offering up to AU$450 in credit to pay out customer plans and trade in phones.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Saturday, 6/9/2014

NBN fibre rollout was going to be cheaper, sooner, pilot results show

Labor's all-fibre national broadband network could have been delivered faster and for less money than originally forecast, according to the confidential results of a pilot study completed last month.

Source: SMH

Friday, 5/9/2014

NBN CBA fetes Feds' fickle, flagging fibre faith

The Vertigan cost-benefit analysis has further downgraded the role of fibre in the multi technology mix (MTM) model for the NBN - even though it also suggests that fibre isn't as relatively expensive as it used to be. What are we to make of this?

Source: ZDNet Australia

iiNet buys stake in IT services provider

Internet service provider iiNet has purchased a 60 percent stake in privately-owned technology service provider Tech2 Group to bolster its IT support division.

Source: iTnews Australia

Why Simon Hackett decided to try to make the NBN 'less worse'

If Simon Hackett has a religion, it's that there should be a better network, the founder and former managing director of ISP Internode told the AusNOG 2014 conference yesterday.

Source: Computerworld


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