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Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

NBN: Government seeks to smooth transition from copper

The government has launched a public consultation to seek ways in which it can smooth the transition from the legacy copper network to the National Broadband Network for end users.
Source: Computerworld

Tuesday, 2nd September 2014

Telstra wants film studios to sue downloaders

Telstra has backed a proposal that would allow film studios to take its customers to court after those customers have ignored a number of warning notices about downloading copyright-infringing TV shows or films.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Turnbull asks industry for advice on better NBN migrations

The federal government has asked the telecommunications industry how it can improve the migration of users from copper services to the national broadband network´╗┐ after it struggled through a number of challenges with the first batch of transfers.
Source: iTnews Australia

Lack of transparency in Transparency Report

Amidst controversy over data retention, Telstra has published its latest transparency report on the number of requests it has received from government for information.
Source: iTWire

ISPs offer ways to combat online copyright infringement

The ISP industry has proposed constructive strategies to combat online copyright infringement, but warned that elements of the Federal Government’s current proposals would damage industry and consumers alike.
Source: ARN

Cloud storage facilities in the spotlight over leaked photos

Explicit photos of dozens of female celebrities have surfaced on the internet triggering many to question the security of online storage facilities.
Source: ABC News

Monday, 1st September 2014

ISPs willing to walk the plank with Abbott, Brandis

In a surprise move Australia's biggests ISPs have come out in support of a piracy crackdown, announcing they're willing to negotiate with the Abbott government about its controversial proposals.
Source: iTWire

ISPs willing to negotiate on 'three strikes' piracy regime

Australia’s telecommunications industry body has signalled its willingness to negotiate on a three strikes approach to copyright infringement despite being ‘unconvinced’ it will work, while outlining an alternative model and calling on rights holders to play their part to reduce piracy.
Source: iTnews Australia

Bill shock measures extended to all Australian telcos

Customers of smaller Australian telcos are set to begin receiving the same usage alerts provided to customers of Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra takes 85k requests for user data in 12 months

Telstra received just under 85,000 requests for customer information from government agencies in its 2014 financial year, the telco revealed in its first full year transparency report released today.
Source: iTnews Australia

Vodafone quietly tests NBN Co fibre for tower backhaul

Vodafone and NBN Co have been quietly testing out using NBN Co's fibre as backhaul for Vodafone's mobile network.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Optus automates credit risk; makes 70 redundant

Optus has announced plans to make 70 Australian positions redundant through the telco's efforts to automate its credit risk management systems.
Source: iTnews Australia

Friday, 29th August 2014

NBN CBA proves Turnbull's MTM is fraudband

Sometimes in politics, it is the actions of your opponents that best crystallise the virtues of your own policies.
Source: iTnews Australia

Time for a reality check on Labor's CBA-less NBN strategy

Labor-hating has become so popular that few bother remembering the real reason FttP was introduced without a CBA in the first place. But as the Coalition crows about a cost-benefit analysis justifying an FttN NBN 10 times costlier than Labor's own FttN policy, it's worth taking time out for a reality check.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Mobile lobby blames federal laws for dodgy airport reception

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association has pushed the federal government to adopt more lenient planning laws to allow carriers to improve mobile coverage in the nation's airports.
Source: iTnews Australia