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Tuesday, 13/10/2015

Telstra: We could be the only Australian telco with an approved data retention plan

In its annual general meeting held today, Telstra revealed that it has received approval for its data retention plans.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Australia's data retention goes live, but ISPs say they're still in the dark

Australia's telecommunications providers will from today be required to store the non-content data of all customers for up to two years, but many claim to be unsure whether they have been granted an exemption.

Source: iTnews Australia

The Ultimate Guide To Avoiding Australia's Data Retention Scheme

Happy Data Retention day! Greens Senator Scott Ludlam gave us all some great advice on what is being tracked by the Government’s metadata retention scheme, as well as a few basic ways to get around the legislation. This is the master class in dodging data retention from Pirate Party Australia members. Here’s how to get around metadata retention using everything from encrypted calls and messaging services on mobile and desktop platforms, using Tor and keeping your email safe.

Source: Gizmodo

Telcos not ready, don't understand data retention: Comms Alliance

Almost 40 percent of telcos don't understand data retention, while 84 percent will not be compliant by the implementation date, according to a survey by Comms Alliance.

Source: ZDNet Australia

VIDEO Interview: MyNetFone CEO talks plans, VoIP, NBN, mergers and more

While MyNetFone’s business and residential VoIP service makes it Australia 5th largest voice provider, the company’s ISP plan for renters has seen impressive sales since launching.

Source: iTWire

Majority of ISPs not ready to start collecting metadata

The vast majority of Australian internet service providers are not ready to start collecting and storing metadata as required under the country's data retention laws which come into effect today.

Source: ABC News

Metadata retention changes explained

Starting on Tuesday, October 13, Australian telcos such as Telstra and Optus are required to start storing metadata logs pertaining to people's email, internet, mobile and landline use for up to two years.

Source: SMH

Monday, 12/10/2015

DBC pushing for 472 account details to trial piracy notices

Dallas Buyers Club LLC wants a federal court judge to release the account details of around 10 percent of the 4726 alleged pirates identified in its legal fight with iiNet so it can test out its notification process.

Source: iTnews Australia

WikiLeaks: ISPs to hand over copyright infringer details under TPP

The TPP will force ISPs to give up the details of customers who allegedly infringe copyright and allow rights holders to seek both compensatory and punitive damages as well as loss of profit, according to WikiLeaks.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Turnbull's mutual respect campaign to kick off with taking away privacy

Try as they might to secure the new honeypots of personal data being created, there will be breaches, and your data will appear online eventually.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Last minute call on Data Retention Act from Internet Australia

On the eve of the Data Retention Act coming into effect, Internet Australia has renewed calls on the federal government for the act to be reviewed and again reiterated that security issues and the costs for ISPs still need to be ironed out.

Source: iTWire

The numbers are in and not looking good for Foxtel

To paraphrase former Prime Minister twice removed Julia Gillard, the the science is in and the death of cable TV is real. What’s more, equally real is the market disrupting surge into the mainstream of streaming video on demand (SVOD).

Source: iTWire

Friday, 9/10/2015

NBN complaints up 70 percent for the year

While overall telco complaints were down 10.5 percent, consumer complaints about NBN services skyrocketed by almost 70 percent.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Optus, iiNet, M2 skyrocket in TIO complaint numbers

Consumer complaints to the Telecommunications Ombudsman about Optus were up by over 30 percent, while iiNet's numbers were up by 26 percent, and M2's by almost 75 percent.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telco complaints fall but still “huge”

Australians made more than 124,000 complaints about their mobile, internet and landline services last financial year with NBN one of the worst offenders.

Source: The Australian

ACCC slashes Telstra’s fixed line services charges

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released its final decision on the prices other operators have to pay to use Telstra’s (ASX:TLS) copper network in providing telecommunications services to consumers.

Source: ARN

ACCC overrules Prime Minister Turnbull to cut Telstra phone, internet prices

Telstra is considering its legal options after the competition regulator ordered the telecommunications giant to slash its wholesale network prices by 9.4 per cent in an effort to make phone and internet services cheaper.

Source: SMH