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Tuesday, 25/11/2014

Telstra turns on 700MHz '4GX' in Melbourne

Telstra has switched on its 700MHz band '4GX' network in Melbourne, just days after Vodafone rolled out its own 4GX network capability in the city.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Global online population hits 3 billion: ITU

There are now more than 3 billion people online globally, with two-thirds of all people with internet access now living in the developing world, according to new research by the United Nations agency charged with improving the world's access to IT infrastructure.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Turnbull, NBN Co ignored Telstra real-world FttN speed warnings

The Department of Communications and Telstra both warned Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and NBN Co that the heralded speed test results in the Umina fibre-to-the-node trial may not represent speeds in a full FttN rollout.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Monday, 24/11/2014

Data retention little more than surveillance tax: Ludlam

Senator Scott Ludlam has labelled the Australian government's proposed data-retention scheme as little more than a surveillance tax, while calling for the release of a financial study into the scheme.

Source: ZDNet Australia

G20 needed fibre network to avoid delegate shirt-fronting

The G20 network needed fibre services with more than 15Mbps download speeds to keep delegates, media, and volunteers happy, according to the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Senate backs Ludlam on data retention costs

The Senate has passed a motion put by Greens Senator Scott Ludlam that calls on Attorney-General George Brandis to table a PricewaterhouseCoopers study into the cost to industry of implementing a data retention scheme.

Source: Computerworld

Vodafone forced to deny sale speculation

Vodafone Australia – and the international Vodafone Group - needs to be very careful what it says. The smallest comment will set off the rumour mill.

Source: iTWire

Google flying more, longer-lasting Project Loon balloons

Google is now able to deploy internet-equipped balloons into the stratosphere faster and fly them for longer, the search giant revealed in in update to its Project Loon initiative over the weekend.

Source: iTnews Australia

Friday, 21/11/2014

Render methodology may return after NBN Co's Melton review

NBN Co paid AU$330,000 to use project-management methodology in six sites, but only used it in one despite FttP rollout improvements.

Source: ZDNet Australia

One week, two corporate plans, three strained NBN Co execs

It's hard to know which is more interesting: That the NBN Co 2014-17 Corporate Plan readily admits that we still know almost nothing concrete about this government's multi-technology mix rollout, or that a leaked final version of the never-released 2013-16 plan suggests the previous government was indeed getting its act together.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Clearer NBN view in sight

Many households are poised to get a clearer idea within weeks when their suburb will get the $41 billion superfast internet network and whether they will get the fibre-to-the-premise version.

Source: The Australian

Vodafone would sell Australian operation 'for the right price'

Vodafone Group would sell the company's Australian operation for the right price, the telco's chief executive Vittorio Colao said overnight.

Source: iTnews Australia