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Tuesday, 6/10/2015

TPP to 'reflect' notification regime for copyright infringement

The TPP will seek to protect intellectual property by encouraging member states to enact notification regimes and create legal frameworks for enforcement, along with fair use provisions.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Game on: digital games to pass $100B pa by 2020

PCs will power 8% annual growth in video games, seeing the digital games industry going from $80B in 2015 to $104B by end 2018.

Source: iTWire

Optus reseller Yatango Mobile Australia hits the wall

Optus reseller Yatango Mobile Australia has gone into administration less than two months after a reverse-listing attempt by Yatango Pty Ltd failed.

Source: CRN

TPP moves toward killing off government-mandated data sovereignty

Government mandates forcing companies to store its data in local datacentres will be a thing of the past under the terms of the TPP among the 12 countries involved.

Source: ZDNet Australia

The importance of building trust to guarantee Australia’s cyber-secure future

The increasing digitisation of the Australian economy promises exponential economic growth opportunities and societal advances for our nations, with investments like the NBN dramatically enhancing our working environment and living standards.

Source: Computerworld

Sunday, 4/10/2015

Telstra To Demo LTE-B Service And Devices At The NRL Grand Final

With this year’s NRL Grand Final, Telstra’s taking the opportunity to once again showcase LTE-Broadcast — or LTE-B, if you want to use fewer letters. If you happen to be invited inside the company’s “Connected Lounge” at ANZ Stadium, you’ll have a chance to check it out.

Source: Gizmodo

Friday, 2/10/2015

Cut submarine cable cripples Apple services for Telstra customers

Telstra Apple users have been struggling with significantly slowed data speeds to and from Apple services for the majority of this week following a break in the SEA-ME-WE submarine cable.

Source: iTnews Australia

Subsea cable leaves Telstra customers with Apple download delays

Subsea cable issues are causing delays for Telstra customers attempting to update, download, or stream across Apple services.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra customers report woeful internet speeds for Apple devices and sites

Telstra customers have taken to social media to complain of dismally low speeds when connecting to Apple sites or using their devices to do something as simple as download an app from the App Store.