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Friday, 27/3/2015

Telstra begins preparing for data-retention regime

Following Labor and the government teaming up to pass mandatory data-retention legislation in the Senate on Thursday night, Telstra has announced plans to store the encrypted data in Australia.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Vodafone re-signs Nokia to run network from India

Vodafone Australia has signed long-term managed services partner Nokia Networks to continue running the telco's network operations for four more years.

Source: iTnews Australia

Optus admits to three big data breaches

Optus has admitted to three data breaches affecting more than 300,000 customers and promised the Australian Privacy Commissioner it will complete an independent review of its IT security systems and implement any recommendations.

Source: iTnews Australia

Data retention: Telstra to keep customer data within Australia

Telstra will store data that it is forced to retain under the government's new data retention regime within Australia, the telco has revealed.

Source: Computerworld

Major flaw in metadata bill, says top silks

The public interest advocate, a key aspect of the renegotiated metadata laws, would be unable to do anything more than “sermonise” when seeking to maintain the confidentiality of journalists’ sources, two silks have warned.

Source: The Australian

Smart criminals can get around metadata laws admits Brandis

Attorney-General George Brandis has conceded “smart criminals” may be able get around the government’s new metadata laws but defended data retention as a “very important source” in investigations.

Source: The Australian

Mandatory data retention passes Australian parliament

The government and Labor have jointly ensured that the telecommunications data of all Australians will be retained for two years for warrantless access by law-enforcement agencies.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Data retention now the law of the land

Australian now has one of the most draconian mass surveillance regimes in the Western world. Yesterday the Senate passed the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014.

Source: iTWire

Soul Patts chief takes aim at TPG founder Michael Malone

TPG Telecom’s second-biggest shareholder has hit out at criticism of its takeover bid for iiNet, saying company founder Michael Malone had been prepared to sell most of his shares for a lot less than the current takeover bid.

Source: The Australian

Thursday, 26/3/2015

Industry warns site blocking could have unintended consequences

Australia's internet and telecommunications industries have warned the Government's plan to allow content holders to apply for piracy websites to be blocked could have negative unintended consequences.

Source: iTnews Australia

Turnbull embraces the Internet of Things

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thrown his support behind the Internet of Things (IoT), spruiking the potential of the technology to deliver huge efficiencies for cities and generate revenue.

Source: Computerworld

Malone predicts further consolidation – is Vodafone next?

As he fights against TPG’s takeover of iiNet, the company he founded, Michael Malone has predicted that is only the first step in a wider industry consolidation, tipping that Vodafone Hutchison Australia will be next to be swallowed.

Source: iTWire

Turnbull takes ownership of site-blocking bill

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been handed responsibility for an online copyright infringement bill that will allow content owners to apply for websites that faciliate online piracy to be blocked.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co director Simon Hackett slams fibre-to-the node

Internet entrepreneur and NBN Co board director Simon Hackett has slammed the fibre-to-the-node technology underpinning the government’s National Broadband Network saying it “sucks” and that he wishes it would disappear.

Source: The Australian

Akamai: Most Internet attacks in Q4 originated in China

A majority of the Internet attack traffic in 2014's fourth quarter originated in China, followed by the U.S., according to cloud service provider Akamai.

Source: ARN

Wednesday, 25/3/2015

Telstra escapes ACCC connection fee regulations

The consumer watchdog said in its draft decision on non-price terms for regulated services that it does not have to extend the scope of its connection charge regulations due to Telstra's ability to manage external contracts.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Australian govt eyes emergency mobile broadband network

The Australian government has asked the Productivity Commission to conduct a cost-benefit analysis into a dedicated national mobile broadband network for emergency services.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN Co's Hackett continues to back all-fibre NBN as first choice

NBN Co board member and Internode co-founder Simon Hackett has said that his first choice for Australia's National Broadband Network would have been 100 percent fibre.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Location-tracking resolution not in data-retention Bill scope: Brandis

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis has reiterated claims that the data-retention Bill does not force service providers to retain data that, as an industry, they do not already collect.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Data retention debate: Labor has 'vacated the field,' says Ludlam

The crossbenchers have provided the "true opposition" to the government's proposed data retention regime, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam told a press conference earlier today.

Source: Computerworld

TPG could buy out Vodafone by next year: iiNet founder

iiNet founder and former CEO Michael Malone has said that Vodafone Hutchison Australia could be acquired by TPG within the next year as Australia's telecommunications industry heads down a consolidation road that will lead to just three major players.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Twitter clamps down on online abuse with quality filter feature

Twitter wants to cull online abuse by letting users filter it out from their feeds.

Source: PC Authority urges Australians to go dark

GetUp is an independent movement of 888,877 Australians working to build a more progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy. To say they are unimpressed with the Federal Governments proposed meta data retention rules is an understatement.

Source: iTWire

TPG’s Teoh defends iiNet deal, offers to meet Malone

As the battle over the sale of iiNet to TPG gets ugly, TPG’s CEO has offered to meet with the most vocal critic of the deal, iiNet founder Michael Malone.

Source: iTWire

Brandis reveals data retention will cost telcos $4 per user

Attorney-General George Brandis has revealed that a secretive report into the cost of the Government's proposed data retention scheme put the ongoing financial burden on telcos at just under $4 per customer per year.

Source: iTnews Australia

TPG boss David Teoh ‘will respect iiNet’s customer-centric culture’

TPG Telecom’s media-shy boss David Teoh has broken his ­silence on the company’s $1.4 billion takeover of iiNet, pledging not to rip the heart out of its ­customer-centric culture and saying his company has much to learn from the rival broadband provider.

Source: The Australian