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Tuesday, 16th September 2014

Quigley's 'Project Fox' still saving NBN Co money on fibre: Morrow

NBN Co has said it is incorporating new fibre deployment methods to cut the cost and time of the roll-out, that originated from an internal program known as Project Fox.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Edward Snowden reveals tapping of major Australia-New Zealand undersea telecommunications cable

A major undersea telecommunications cable that connects Australia and NZ to North America has been tapped to allow the NSA and its espionage partners to comprehensively harvest internet data.
Source: SMH

Copyright a 'burden' say economists

Two of Australia’s most experienced economists say the proposed anti-piracy laws will mean higher prices for consumers because ISPs will have to do more work.
Source: iTWire

Monday, 15th September 2014

Qld MPs push for faster NBN rollout to remote areas

A panel of Queensland parliamentarians has urged the state government to lobby its federal counterpart to move remote and regional communities up the list of areas to be connected to the national broadband network.
Source: iTnews Australia

No one group should govern Internet, says Turnbull

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged world leaders to maintain a multi-stakeholder model for governance of the Internet as the United States releases its stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
Source: Computerworld

NBN Co targets unserviceable premises in Tasmania

NBN Co has signed a new contractor in Tasmania as part of its effort to reduce the number of customers counted as passed by fibre but unable to order a service through the national broadband network.
Source: iTnews Australia

Thiess signs NBN contract to connect 170,000 premises per year

NBN Co and Leighton Holdings' subsidiary, Thiess, have inked a deal to extend and significantly amend a contract to provide installation, activation and maintenance of connection to the NBN.
Source: ARN

Optus 10 and Jabiru-2 satellites launched

The sighs of relief from French Guiana were audible in Australia as two satellites were successfully launched Friday morning (AEST).
Source: iTWire

NBN Co offers incentives for battery-free fibre connections

NBN Co has quietly introduced a scheme that gives retail internet providers an incentive to supply customers with fibre connections without battery back-up units, despite warnings that consumers could be put at risk.
Source: iTnews Australia

Ergas hints at reining in the ACCC

Economist Professor Henry Ergas has revealed that the Vertigan Committee will recommend more “checks and balances” for Australia's competition watchdog as part of its review of regulatory arrangements for the NBN.
Source: iTnews Australia

Friday, 12th September 2014

Optus launches new Australian satellite

Optus has successfully launched its Optus 10 satellite to expand its fleet capacity and provide in-orbit redundancy capability.
Source: ARN

Australians turning away from music piracy: Spotify

Online copyright infringement of music over file-sharing services is trending downwards in Australia, according to Spotify research, but it is still a big problem.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Here's how NBN Co rolled out FTTP better in Melton: Part 1

NBN Co reacted hysterically to publication of an internal trial review that found FTTP could be rolled out 61% faster and 50% cheaper than in previous rollouts. Here's what the company's Melton deployment trial taught it about managing contractors better.
Source: ZDNet Australia

Government and Labor spat over new FTTB licences

The NBN shenanigans continue. Communications Minister  Malcolm Turnbull wants a temporary two year licence for carriers like TPG who want to compete against the NBN by offering fibre to the basement.
Source: iTWire

Thursday, 11th September 2014

Telstra expands 4G 700MHz trials ahead of iPhone 6 release

Telstra is switching on parts of its 700MHz 4G network in preparation for the influx of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices onto the network after launch next Friday.
Source: ZDNet Australia