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Tuesday, 27/1/2015

Singtel-Optus chief pledges to break Telstra's stronghold

SingTel-Optus' new chief executive Allen Lew has pledged to break Telstra's mobile service dominance and build the nation's leading network in a move that could trigger a multibillion-dollar construction arms race between the telco giants.

Source: SMH

How a shock jock got pranksters fired using metadata

The case for mandatory data retention is that the data is crucial for averting terrorism or big crimes -- but sometimes its use is a little more questionable.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Presto turns on TV for Android tablet users

Select Android tablets, mostly from Samsung but also the Nexus 7, now join the iPad, Chromecast, PCs and Macs in being able to watch Presto’s TV programming, but still no Android smartphones, iPhones, smart TVs or games consoles as with Netflix - yet.

Source: iTWire

Friday, 23/1/2015

​Ambiguity leaves AIIA questioning data-retention legislation

The peak national body representing companies including Apple, Google, Telstra, and Optus has said that the Australian government's draft data-retention legislation is too ambiguous.

Source: ZDNet Australia

IPv4 exhaustion stunts Internet growth in 2014

Expansion of the Internet slowed in 2014 as the number of available IPv4 addresses neared exhaustion, according to a report by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), the regional Internet registry for the Asia Pacific.

Source: Computerworld

Aussie study aims to capture true value of public wi-fi

RMIT senior research fellow Dr Ian McShane expects Australia to experience a resurgence in community-based telecommunications as the ambitions of the national broadband network are gradually scaled back.

Source: iTnews Australia

Data retention: Telstra predicts metadata will surface in lawsuits

Telstra is expecting the metadata telcos will be forced to collect under the government's mandatory data retention scheme will be used in civil litigation, raising the possibility of it being used in cases such as copyright infringement lawsuits or family law disputes.

Source: Computerworld

Thursday, 22/1/2015

Optus, Telstra urge Govt to commit to paying cost of data retention

Australia's two largest telcos have called on the Government to make a substantial contribution to the cost of implementing its planned data retention regime, while raising concerns about the ambigious dataset contained within the Coalition's draft bill.

Source: iTnews Australia

The NBN you'll get is not the one you voted for

Freed from competition by a single-minded government, NBN Co is free to cherry pick to its heart's content, drip feeding its fibre-to-the-basement services to Australia's wealthiest areas. Yet, with so many concessions made to Telstra and so much about the NBN still up in the air, there is still more lost than gained.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Internet not yet killing free-to-air television: Deloitte

Video might have killed the radio star according to the pop hit from the 1980s, but the internet has not yet killed free-to-air television.

Source: ABC News