About Us

Oz Broadband Speed Test started in 2003 as a way for Australians to test their internet speed. Back then, there were no local testing facilities, and ADSL and Cable broadband were starting to take over from dialup connections. Common ADSL speeds were 256/64 and 512/64 kbps. Yes, kilobits per second, not megabits like we see today.

The site has gone several design changes, and rewrites along the way, from a static website to a dynamic one now serving thousands of Australians and others around the world every day. Our speed test mirrors are hosted by both individuals and internet providers around the world.

We aim to be a reliable and accurate speed testing alternative to other, newer players in the market. We will always be free to use, with an end user focus. We are always open to feedback and suggestions because we want this site to be for you.


We often get asked what "stack" and services our site is built on. We use a number of different technologies and service to bring this website to you, including:

  • Servers from Servers Australia, DigitalOcean, BinaryLane
  • Software written with PHP using the Laravel framework, and a sprinkling of VueJS
  • Cloudflare for world wide content delivery and security

For further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.