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Wednesday, 1st October 2014

NBN Co's multi-technolgy mix products set for 2015

ZDNet Australia

NBN Co's updated product road map released today outlines plans to introduce fibre-to-the-basement and fibre-to-the-node commercial products in 2015.

ASIO can now snoop on the entire internet

PC Authority

Only three MPs opposed the first tranche of national security legislation.

Parliament passes law to let ASIO tap entire internet

iTnews Australia

The Government’s effort to expand the legislative power of the Australia's spy agency, including the breadth of computers it can access under a single warrant, has been passed by the federal parliament despite heated debate in the lower house today.

iiNet, Dodo breach consumer billing rules

iTnews Australia

Internet service providers iiNet and Dodo have copped formal warnings from the Australian Communications and Media Authority for dropping the ball on consumer rights in regards to billing users.

Bernardi withdraws motion to disband NBN committee


Coalition Senator Cory Bernardi has withdrawn two motions that would disband the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network and replace it with a government-dominated joint committee.

Telco fined $225,000 for falsely claiming Telstra affiliation


Zen Telecom has been fined $225,000 by the Federal Court for breaching Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by way of misleading conduct and false or misleading representations during telemarketing calls in the 12 months ended August 2013.

Global Internet speeds up, DDoS attacks down


Internet connection speeds are increasing around the globe, while distributed denial-of-service attacks are down, according to the latest report from networking services company Akamai.

Tuesday, 30th September 2014

Telstra trials 1000 public Wi-Fi sites for free in November


Australians will be able to surf the Internet at no cost on Telstra’s public Wi-Fi network when trials commence in November.

ACMA to offer self-service portal for spectrum licensing

iTnews Australia

Australia's communications regulator is set to open its spectrum license database to software developers and the broader public in a bid to accelerate commercial trade in the country's radio assets.

Monday, 29th September 2014

NBN Co says powering nodes cheaper than fibre

ZDNet Australia

NBN Co has said that the annual cost of powering the nodes in the multi-technology mix will be cheaper than the capital cost of rolling out fibre to the premises.

SingTel Optus under spotlight over company tax

iTnews Australia

Optus parent Singtel has been exposed as paying only nine percent tax in Australia in a report which found that around one third of Australia’s biggest companies are paying less than 10 percent in corporate tax.

Friday, 26th September 2014

NBN Co execs face grilling over Melton fibre trial 'conspiracy'

ZDNet Australia

NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has said there is no conspiracy over fibre savings with the company reviewing the outcome of a trial of new fibre deployment technology and methods implemented in a trial in Victoria that was leaked to media earlier this month.

NBN Co chief claims leaked Melton pilot has a 'bad smell'

iTnews Australia

NBN Co has continued to challenge the validity of a leaked report suggesting fibre-to-the-premise could have been rolled out cheaper and faster than originally forecast.

Vodafone plans to log what websites customers visit


Vodafone has revealed it is working a project that will record for up to 90 days what online services customers access.

Coalition, Labor back boost in ASIO's powers


Coalition and Labor senators have combined to pass the government's first tranche of national security legislation.

Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored and whistleblowers to be jailed


Australian spies will soon have the power to monitor the entire Australian internet with just one warrant, and journalists and whistleblowers will face up to 10 years' jail for disclosing classified information.

Thursday, 25th September 2014

Australia's spy agency to get power to tap unlimited devices

ZDNet Australia

Legislation that is likely to pass the Australian parliament this week will allow ASIO to get a warrant for access to an unlimited amount of devices, Attorney-General George Brandis has confirmed.

Australian telcos remain holdouts on IPv6


Australian ISPs continue to make a poor showing on IPv6 adoption, based on data released this week by World IPv6 Launch.

Wednesday, 24th September 2014

'Absolutely right': Gillard stands by Labor's NBN vision

ZDNet Australia

In her memoir, former prime minister Julia Gillard has said while the fibre to the premises National Broadband Network had implementation issues, the ultimate goal of the project was "absolutely right".

Are we using all our gigabytes?


With Australians getting faster Internet as the NBN rollout rolls on, an increasing number of Australians signing up for over 300GB per month of internet data. But are they using them?


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