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Friday, 5/2/2016

nbn chief confident on track to 8 million connections by 2020

Bill Morrow, CEO of the National Broadband Network, is buoyant about the nbn and the progress his team are making in the progressive rollout of the fast broadband network across Australia.

Source: iTWire

Government Just Sold $543 Million Of Mobile Spectrum

The results of the Federal Government’s recent auction of a large chunk of the 1800MHz band of the Australian radiofrequency spectrum have been announced: Telstra and Optus each spent nearly $200 million on securing more bandwidth, while TPG and Vodafone also splashed out with multi-million dollar investments. The 2015 auction should see Australia’s 4G networks in regional areas get faster and cover wider areas.

Source: Gizmodo

NBN revenue continues to climb, with fibre still key

NBN’s revenue has continued to soar as the National Broadband Network rollout continues, but despite the pivot to a ‘multi-technology mix’ (MTM) after the 2013 election it has continued to be fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections that contribute the lion’s share.

Source: Computerworld

nbn co faces EBITDA loss of $866 million for 2016 first half results

nbn has released the financial results for its first half 2016, ending December 31, 2015. The company reported an EBITDA loss of $688 million, from $497 million the same time last year.

Source: ARN

Telcos splash $543m on 1800 MHz spectrum

Optus, Telstra, TPG and Vodafone have emerged as the winners of the Australian Communications and Media Authority's $543.5 million 1800 MHz spectrum auction.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN reports AU$1.2b loss for FY16 first half

NBN has grown its revenue by 152.3 percent, to AU$164 million, but with a net loss of AU$1.24 billion for the six-month period.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Thursday, 4/2/2016

TPP regulations near ratification as nations sign

Under the newly signed TPP, ISPs will be forced to give up infringer details, government procurement barriers will be lowered, and cheaper global roaming rates will be encouraged.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra wholesale boss steps down after 45 years at telco

Telstra’s wholesale group executive Stuart Lee has stepped down after five years in the position.

Source: CRN

As 5G approaches, 3G and 4G are still getting faster

Most of the excitement at Mobile World Congress this month will be about 5G, which won't officially exist until 2020. But vendors will also be showing off new ways to speed up the 3G and 4G networks most people are using today.

Source: ARN

Wednesday, 3/2/2016

NBN refuses to break down FttN, FttB, and FttDP numbers

NBN Co will not reavel to Senators how much FttN or FttDP will be rolled out in Australia, citing commercial in confidence.

Source: ZDNet Australia

One Of Tasmania's Major Undersea Internet Cables Will Be Cut For Over A Month

The major Basslink undersea power and communications cable that connects Tasmania to the Australian mainland will be cut until mid-March, while the company investigates and fixes a failure in its electricity transmission capacity. That’ll leave Tasmanians with severely reduced connectivity to the internet for nearly six weeks, although contingencies are in place.

Source: Gizmodo

New Survey Shows Pirates Are More Willing To Pay For Netflix

Do you or does anyone in your household download films, music or television shows vis the internet for free? Does your household subscribe to TV and content streaming services? These were the two questions asked in an online survey of over a thousand Australians, and the results tell a story long suspected; given the option, those who pirate will pay for content instead.

Source: Gizmodo

Telstra offers its Foxtel customers 3 months free Platinum HD Package

If you’re an ‘eligible customer’ of Telstra’s, you can enjoy Foxtel from Telstra without lock in contracts until ’30th April’ 2016, with all channel packs.

Source: iTWire

Telstra overtakes Woolworths as most valuable brand

Telstra has overtaken supermarket giant Woolworths to become Australia’s most valuable brand.

Source: CRN

Tuesday, 2/2/2016

Optus outage downs Virgin Australia's check-in system

Virgin Australia passengers across the country were prevented from checking in for domestic flights for two hours this morning after an outage at the airline's telco partner Optus downed its check-in system.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN to trial satellite with 200 regional Vic users

NBN is gearing up for a customer field trial of its first Sky Muster satellite in regional Victoria, as it prepares for the commercial launch of internet services in April.

Source: iTnews Australia

What's New On Stan In February?

Known for its unique and local content, Stan has some pretty sweet TV and movie titles hitting the streaming service in the next month. Here are some of the highlights.

Source: Gizmodo

NBN aims for swift transition to new satellite service

NBN believes that through its partners it will have enough capacity for at least “several thousand” and potentially up to 10,000 activations a month on its Long Term Satellite Service.

Source: Computerworld

Nokia shows off 8Gbps over 50m copper runs in Germany

Deutsche Telekom has teamed up with Nokia to demonstrate the potential of XG-Fast, which Nokia claims is capable of 1Gbps symmetrical over a distance of 70 metres.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Quickflix continues descent in wake of streaming competitors

Quickflix has reported a AU$1.7 million drop in customer receipts for the December quarter, as well as losing another 7,856 customers.

Source: ZDNet Australia


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