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Wednesday, 22/10/2014

NBN roll out continues as copper networks switch off in Crace

Copper wires for landline telephones in up to 2700 homes and businesses in Crace will be disconnected from Thursday as the NBN roll out continues in Canberra's north.

Source: SMH

iiTrial 2.0? iiNet back in court over P2P file sharing

For the second time, Internet service provider iiNet has been dragged to court over the alleged copyright infringement of some of its customers.

Source: Computerworld

ACCC won't factor in NBN Co payments in pricing decision

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has stated the regulatory value of Telstra’s assets, rather than payments made to Telstra by NBN Co, will set the price for wholesale fixed line services.

Source: ARN

Telstra move to raise network access charges 'ludicrous'

Telstra's competitors have criticised the telco's bid to increase what it can charge for access to its network.

Source: ABC News

Tuesday, 21/10/2014

Australian government warrantless data requests pass 500,000

The Australian communications watchdog has revealed that Australian government agencies are accessing more data than we previously thought.

Source: ZDNet Australia

ACCC: Telstra promises improved Aussie Consumer Law compliance

Telstra is famous for a few things: hopeless customer service, ACCC dealings, awesome Next G/4G networks, playing hardball with the Government and competitors and using Magda Szubanski in its latest ads touting customer service.

Source: iTWire

Telstra accused of misleading customers on mobile phone rights

Telstra has been forced to review its handling of complaints about faulty mobile phones after an investigtion by the consumer watchdog uncovered 400 instances where customers may have been misled.

Source: iTnews Australia

Monday, 20/10/2014

Will metadata musings ever mature beyond paranoid fears?

Australia's metadata-retention debate needs more than just an injection of technical clue. Some nuanced political discussion, informed by history and the law, would also be handy.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra tries for digital intimacy in customer-first strategy

Telstra is angling for greater digital intimacy with its customer base as it opens its new generation flagship Sydney store and leverages Salesforce cloud infrastructure to drive a customer-first strategy.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Former AAPT CEO joins Nextgen Networks

Former AAPT CEO, David Yuile, has been appointed managing director of Nextgen Networks.

Source: Computerworld

Telstra unveils $112m Sydney HQ revamp

Telstra today cut the ribbon on its revamped Sydney headquarters, part of a $112 million refurbishment effort to remodel the centre into a "state-of-the-art customer technology hub".

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN rolls out FttN to 200,000 in NSW and Qld

Work is under way to bring the National Broadband Network to 200,000 homes and businesses in NSW and Queensland as the national trail enters a new phase, the company has said.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Yatango claims 'best value' 4G

Incumbent telcos have been over-charging consumers for too long, says upstart Yatango.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co names first 140 FTTN sites

NBN Co has listed the first 140 suburbs to receive fibre-to-the-node technology as part of the new-look multi-technology mix NBN rollout.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co begins first fibre-to-node rollout to 140 suburbs

NBN Co is set to begin its first fibre-to-the-node roll-out to 140 suburbs in NSW and Queensland as part of a trial to test technology which marries fibre optic cables with Telstra copper wires.

Source: ARN

Friday, 17/10/2014

Australia seeks cost limits for TPP piracy crackdown

ISPs should act on notices of copyright infringement, but not if it costs too much to implement, according to a new draft Trans-Pacific Partnership IP chapter leak.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Adelaide marches towards smart city without NBN

Adelaide's move towards a smart city was made easier by the town largely already having access to fibre, according to the South Australian Government.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Thursday, 16/10/2014

Free international calls for Vodafone customers

From the 'it's our birthday so you get the presents' department: Vodafone is offering free international calls to selected destinations this weekend.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co takes Pipe Networks to court

NBN Co has opened a new front in its conflict with TPG over the telco's fibre-to-the-basement (FTTB) rollout.

Source: Computerworld

NBN fibre to the node trial reveals slower speeds

In contrast to NBN Co's own initial trial results, iiNet has revealed one customer was only able to get 50Mbps on their trial fibre to the node service.

Source: ZDNet Australia


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