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Wednesday, 3/12/2014

Government cracks down on social networks

The government has introduced legislation to establish a 'Children's e-Safety Commissioner' to spearhead initiatives targeting online bullying. The legislation also introduces a scheme for the "rapid removal" of bullying material targeting an Australian child that is posted on social networking sites, with social networks potentially facing fines if they fail to comply

Source: Computerworld

ASIC fronts website-blocking inquiry

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has appeared before a parliamentary inquiry into the use by government agencies of Subsection 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act 1997 to block Australian Internet users' access to websites engaged in illegal activities.

Source: Computerworld

Aussie telcos struggling with IPv6 adoption

IPv6 is increasing steadily around the world but some Australian carriers are still struggling with the transition to the new internet addressing system.

Source: iTnews Australia

Tuesday, 2/12/2014

NBN Co to add HFC areas in 2015

Homes and businesses in areas covered by Telstra and Optus cables will find out in the first half of 2015 when they can expect to be connected to the NBN.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN benefits regional centres, but is rural Australia still left wanting?

Remote households trying to telecommute rely on satellite connections to high-speed broadband – which sometimes don’t work.

Source: PC Authority

iiNet to grill Dallas Buyers Club on IP address evidence

iiNet today achieved a small win in its Federal Court fight against the owners of the film Dallas Buyers Club, convincing a judge to let it cross-examine the technical consultant who provided the film's owners with a list of IP addresses to target.

Source: iTnews Australia

Dallas Buyers Club to pay up for expert witness flight

The expert that Dallas Buyers Club LLC used to determine which Australian customers allegedly shared the film online will be flown from Germany to Australia for cross-examination.

Source: ZDNet Australia

'Faster' NBN rollout slower than expected

NBN Co's multi-technology mix model of the NBN could reach one in three premises by the time of the next federal election.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Vodafone pledges better 3G reliability

Vodafone has deployed self-organizing network (SON) technology to enhance reliability on its 3G network during high-usage situations, the telco announced today.

Source: Computerworld

Monday, 1/12/2014

NBN Co’s MTM rollout go-slow: Malcolm Turnbull’s Mistake?

With the NBN Co having revised its figures from 2.7 million homes by June 2016 before the 2013 election to just 1.9 million homes now the Coalition is in power, has the NBN become as big a shemozzle under the LNP as it was under Labor?

Source: iTWire

NBN Co cuts back targets in new construction plan

NBN Co has released details on which suburbs will receive fibre-to-the-premise connections under its revised 18-month construction plan, which has scaled back the number of premises forecast to be connected to the NBN by June 2016.

Source: iTnews Australia

New NBN rollout plan revealed

Nbn Co has named the next 460 suburbs and towns to get the new-look National Broadband Network, in a move set to reignite controversy.

Source: The Australian

Fears businesses missing out in next Tasmanian NBN rollout

The next phase of the National Broadband Network rollout in Tasmania will be inferior and the project is behind schedule, an IT lobby group says.

Source: ABC News

NBN’s new construction plan bypasses cities

NBN Co has published a new rollout plan showing the next 400 locations to be connected. But the lack of HFC agreements with Optus and Telstra mean most metro areas miss out.

Source: iTWire

Perth to Singapore SEA-ME-WE-3 cable severed again

The SEA-ME-WE-3 cable linking Perth to Singapore was once again cut last night and will undergo repairs.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN releases construction plan

NBN Co has named the next 460 suburbs and towns to get the new-look National Broadband Network.

Source: Computerworld

Shape of things to come on NBN

People in 1.9 million homes and businesses will find out today what type of national broadband network technology they will get, in a move set to reignite controversy.

Source: The Australian

Four ACT suburbs included in next phase of NBN rollout

About 57,000 homes in Canberra will receive access to the National Broadband Network, as part of the latest rollout plan for the project.

Source: ABC News

Friday, 28/11/2014

We should be able to see George Brandis' metadata

There is a major difference between law-enforcement agencies and media accessing metadata, but arguably that changes when it comes to politicians using taxpayer-funded phones.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN in talks with Qantas, Virgin for in seat, inflight Internet!

Wish you could get a real Internet connection when flying about Australia rather than just on-board entertainment? NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow says talks are underway and it could happen as soon as late next year. 

Source: iTWire


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