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Wednesday, 18/2/2015

Vodafone loses 46k customers

Vodafone continued to lose customers in 2014, dropping 46,000 subscribers for the full year despite user growth in the second half.

Source: iTnews Australia

Keeping data vital to fighting child pornography: Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott is stepping up the government's push for laws compelling phone and internet firms to keep customer metadata, calling such data "absolutely critical" to fighting child pornography online.

Source: SMH

Netgear routers leak admin passwords

A flaw in Netgear wireless routers allows attackers to bypass administrator authentication and potentially gain full access to the devices, a researcher has discovered.

Source: iTnews Australia

Data retention plan could cost $400m a year: Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott reveals the cost of the Government's data retention plan could be almost $400 million a year, and warns if it is not passed it would be a form of "unilateral disarmament" in the fight against crime.

Source: ABC News

Tuesday, 17/2/2015

iiNet attacks software used in Dallas Buyers Club piracy hunt

iiNet lawyers today sought to discredit the method by which Dallas Buyers Club LLC collected internet protocol (IP) addresses of those it claimed had downloaded and shared versions of its film of the same name.

Source: iTnews Australia

Dallas Buyers Club copyright stoush returns to court

Dallas Buyers Club LLC, Internet service provider iiNet and a number of other ISPs today returned to court in a battle over the attempt to obtain the contact details of people alleged to have engaged in online copyright violations.

Source: Computerworld

Film studios want Australians punished for piracy

Content owners are pushing for Australian internet service providers to punish their users via speed caps or pop-ups for downloading infringing TV shows, films, or music.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Blood tests sent to NBN Co to thwart tower plans

Two northern NSW resident action groups campaigning against NBN towers have sent blood samples to NBN Co and its contractors in a bid to scare them off their rollout plans.

Source: iTnews Australia

Monday, 16/2/2015

Fetch fetches Netflix in fetching TV alliance

Netflix and Fetch TV have announced that Fetch is the first Australian Pay-TV service to integrate Netflix on Fetch’s 2nd-gen TV box.

Source: iTWire

Data retention: Labor concerned over costs, safeguards for journos

Labor leader Bill Shorten has raised concerns over elements of the government's proposed data retention bill.

Source: Computerworld

NBN Co to get updates on state of the Telstra copper network

NBN Co has revealed the basic steps the company took in assessing the quality of Telstra's copper and HFC networks before agreeing to a new deal to take ownership of the networks.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Friday, 13/2/2015

Optus to try luck in world of online streaming

Optus is the latest player to dip its toes in the burgeoning world of online and mobile video streaming as it welcomed a ­second consecutive quarter of revenue growth.

Source: The Australian

Industry needs political stability: Telstra chief David Thodey

Telstra chief David Thodey has called for an end to the leadership ructions in Canberra, saying the business community needs certainty to plan for the next decade and grow new economic areas as the resources sector ­continues to wane.

Source: The Australian

Chinese New Year brings free international calls for Vodafone customers

The Year of the Sheep will bring instant rewards for Vodafone customers as the telco rings in the Chinese New Year with free calls to countries across Asia.

Source: ARN

Thursday, 12/2/2015

Optus data revenues up on 4G growth

Optus' 4G customer base hit 3.18 million in the quarter ending 31 December, the telco revealed this morning. Optus added 435,000 4G customers in the quarter.

Source: Computerworld

Telstra sees jump in profit and customer growth

Investing in new businesses and growing its telecommunications services across Asia are two key elements for Telstra’s ambitious growth plans this year.

Source: ARN

Optus net profit dips as mobile grows

SingTel subsidiary, Optus (ASX:SGT) has experienced an 8.2 per cent decline in net profit to $208 million for its third quarter ending December 31.

Source: ARN

Wednesday, 11/2/2015

Telstra-NBN deal in the Senate spotlight

Portions of the renegotiated Telstra-NBN deal will be probed by a parliamentary committee.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Vodafone targets mobile video

Vodafone Australia has identified the increased use of video on phones as a way of differentiating itself from Telstra and Optus.

Source: iTWire

Coming soon - better 4G for the bush

Australia's regional and rural areas will get better 4G mobile coverage if new spectrum plans are approved.

Source: iTWire


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