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Thursday, 7/5/2015

Will the GST be imposed on Netflix?

Film buffs are set to be stung when the federal government moves to impose the goods and services tax on online services like Netflix.

Source: Computerworld

Market declares TPG winner of iiNet bout, but is the fight over yet?

The bidding war for iiNet may not yet be done and dusted, even after TPG yesterday upped its offer to $1.56 billion to trump the other iiNet suitor, M2. Now the market waits to see whether M2 will come back to the table yet again with an increased offer.

Source: iTWire

Telstra offers low-latency link between ASX and SGX

Telstra (ASX: TLS) has launched a low-latency network that connects the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) data centre in Sydney with the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

Source: Computerworld

Comcast previews DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem due early 2016: OZ NBN implications?

US cable and Internet provider Comcast has developed its own DOCSIS 3.1 modem which when combined with a DOCSIS 3.1 network can deliver 1Gbps+ speeds.

Source: iTWire

iiNet board opts for certainty with TPG

The certainty of the revised TPG offer for Internet service provider iiNet was a key factor in the ISP’s board recommending it over a competing offer from M2, according to iiNet chairperson Michael Smith.

Source: Computerworld

Wednesday, 6/5/2015

Labor proposes adopting two-stage NBN policy

Australia's opposition party has proposed formally adopting a two-stage rollout of the National Broadband Network with fibre to the premises returning should Labor be elected to federal government.

Source: ZDNet Australia

iiNet: TPG won't trash our brand

Like Volkswagen buying Porsche, TPG will want to retain the quality of iiNet for the money it is offering for the deal, according to iiNet chairman Michael Smith.

Source: ZDNet Australia

ACCC to cut costs of mobile calls, SMS

Mobile customers could experience lower call and SMS costs after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) proposed halving the cost telcos can charge each other for landing calls.

Source: iTnews Australia

ISPs left with bill after Dallas Buyers Club court clash

iiNet and the other Internet service providers will have to pay the majority of the costs related to court proceedings involving Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

Source: Computerworld

Court orders ISPs to pay Dallas Buyers Club owner's legal costs

The Federal Court orders a group of internet service providers, including iiNet, to pay 75 per cent of the legal costs relating to the Dallas Buyers Club copyright case.

Source: ABC News

iiNet takeover war: TPG strikes back

The iiNet board has backed a AU$1.5 billion counter offer from TPG to take over iiNet.

Source: ZDNet Australia

TPG makes $1.57 billion move for iiNet, 19.9% shareholding in Amcom

The TPG empire is striking back against M2’s bid for iiNet while raising its ownership of Amcom to 19.9% in news that will go public this morning.

Source: iTWire

TPG boosts iiNet bid to $1.56bn, wins board's backing

TPG has upped its bid for iiNet to $1.56 billion and offered shareholders a choice of shares or cash, gaining the iiNet board's support for its new bid over that of rival M2.

Source: iTnews Australia

iiNet board swings behind TPG’s new buyout offer

The board of Internet service provider iiNet confirmed this morning that it supported a revised acquisition offer by TPG.

Source: Computerworld

Tuesday, 5/5/2015

Internet.org opens up to sites without HTTPS or JavaScript

Facebook has announced a process to open Internet.org to more websites, provided they meet certain restrictions and are approved by the social network.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Monday, 4/5/2015

Privacy ruling goes beyond data-retention requirements: Telstra

Telstra is challenging a ruling by Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim requiring the telco to hand over volumes of metadata to a journalist who requested it.

Source: ZDNet Australia

PIN system to improve deafblind access to telco service centres

A new model has been proposed to make it easier for deafblind consumers to access telco customers service call centres.

Source: iTWire

ACMA cracks whip over unlicensed mobile phone repeaters

ACMA and NSW Fair Trading are warning consumers that owning or operating an unlicensed mobile phone repeater can land you with a two year prison sentence.

Source: iTWire

NBN considers extra charges for regional satellite users

The national broadband network builder is proposing to charge service providers for instances when end-users miss appointments, make late cancellations or want to reactivate their service.

Source: iTnews Australia

Telco organisation cries foul over journo's 'metadata' victory

Telco industry organisation Communications Alliance says that a ruling by the Privacy Commissioner that will give a journalist access to so-called 'metadata' associated with his mobile phone service has "disturbing ramifications for the telecommunications sector and for its millions of customers throughout Australia".

Source: Computerworld


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