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Friday, 29th August 2014

Time for a reality check on Labor's CBA-less NBN strategy

ZDNet Australia

Labor-hating has become so popular that few bother remembering the real reason FttP was introduced without a CBA in the first place. But as the Coalition crows about a cost-benefit analysis justifying an FttN NBN 10 times costlier than Labor's own FttN policy, it's worth taking time out for a reality check.

Mobile lobby blames federal laws for dodgy airport reception

iTnews Australia

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association has pushed the federal government to adopt more lenient planning laws to allow carriers to improve mobile coverage in the nation's airports.

Film companies want US-style system to penalise downloaders


The copyright industry's response to the government's proposal to curb the unauthorised downloading of online content remains the same as it was years and years ago: it wants everyone else to take responsibility, and wants to reap the rewards.

Thursday, 28th August 2014

Leaked paper reveals Australia's obsessive metadata secrecy

ZDNet Australia

The Australian government has been discussing a detailed data-retention wish list with internet service providers for more than four years - with citizens kept in the dark.

Coalition must push on with 'a slower NBN sooner', but hurdles remain for Malcolm Turnbull


The long-awaited cost-benefit analysis of the NBN predictably backs the Coalition's option, but Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull still has to deliver.

NBN likely to share HFC with Foxtel


National Broadband Network services and pay TV service Foxtel are likely to co-exist on the hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network currently owned by Telstra, according to NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow.

Morrow says NBN Co to get detail on Telstra's copper quality

ZDNet Australia

NBN Co will have access to reports on the quality of Telstra's copper network and where pits have been flooded in the past, as part of the revised NBN deal, CEO Bill Morrow has said.

Section 313: iiNet, industry orgs seek limits on website blocking


Internet service provider iiNet, the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) and industry bodies the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and the Communications Alliance have all called for restrictions on the government agencies that can issue requests for ISPs to block websites.

Vocus posts record year as statutory profit more than doubles

ZDNet Australia

Vocus Communications has cited organic growth as the driver of another banner year for the network and datacentre company.

NBN Co aims to double users, revenue in one year

iTnews Australia

NBN Co plans to double the 210,628 active users currently on the national broadband network and the $61 million in revenue it reported for fiscal 2014 in the 12 months to June next year.

Federal government injects $8.4 billion to NBN


NBN Co expects to double the number of users connected to the NBN over the next year - setting a target of 480,000 users with the release of its annual results.

FTTP needed for teleHealth, say Labor MPs in open letter


Two Labor members of Parliament have written an open letter to Malcolm Turnbull asking him to reconsider his scrapping of the Coalition's FTTP NBN plans.

Wednesday, 27th August 2014

Data-retention laws to contain statutory metadata specification

ZDNet Australia

Attorney-General George Brandis has said that there is no definition of 'metadata', but a 'statutory specification' of metadata will be included in mandatory data-retention legislation to be introduced in this sitting period of parliament.

Telstra hits back over bandwidth pricing claims


A Telstra spokesperson has condemned as "factually incorrect" claims about the telco's transit pricing made by DDoS protection and CDN provider CloudFlare.

NBN Co calls Telstra back to court over CPI adjustments


NBN Co has appealed a decision by the New South Wales Supreme Court that had supported Telstra’s interpretation of consumer-price-index (CPI) adjustments in the companies’ $11 billion agreement.

Labor, Greens slam analysis for favouring 'dog's breakfast' NBN

ZDNet Australia

The government's NBN cost-benefit analysis report said exactly what the government wanted it to say, Labor and the Greens have said.

NBN cost-benefit analysis signals the end of an era


The long-awaited cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network suggests the days of politicians shooting from the hip with taxpayer dollars are numbered.

Telstra blamed for Australia's high bandwidth cost

iTnews Australia

Content delivery network provider CloudFlare has attacked Australia's largest telco Telstra for imposing a high bandwidth cost for both international and national data transit.

NBN: Labor condemns 'flawed' Vertigan panel report


The shadow minister for communications, Blaxland MP Jason Clare, has condemned the cost-benefit analysis of the National Broadband Network commissioned by the government as "flawed" and "not independent".

Vertigan panel backs Coalition's NBN


The Coalition's cut-price National Broadband Network would deliver a net economic boost of $18 billion compared with $2 billion for Labor's gold-plated version, according to the first cost-benefit analysis of Australia's largest infrastructure project.


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