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Tue, 21st Mar 2023

NBN Co drums up $2.1B for energy efficiency initiatives

NBN Co has raised €1.35 billion (A$2.1 billion) from issuing European Green Bonds for energy efficiency initiatives.

Source: ARN

Mon, 20th Mar 2023

Optus aware of potential conflict with Boost prior to legal action

Optus has admitted it was aware of a potential conflict when using the term "boost" for its new services in the lead up to facing legal action and has been ordered to stop using the term in the meantime.

Source: ARN

Circles.Life latest telco penalised for IPND breach

MVNO Circles.Life has become the latest telco to attract a fine for not complying with its integrated public number database (IPND) obligations.

Source: iTnews Australia

Thu, 16th Mar 2023

Find the Best NBN 1000 Ultrafast Plans

Ultrafast internet, as dubbed by the NBN, is officially the fastest NBN available in Australia maxing out at potential download speeds of 1000Mbps. Gigabit NBN!? What a world we live in.

Source: WhistleOut

Over 300K records stolen in suspected Latitude cyber attack

Latitude Financial Services has claimed over 300,000 records have been stolen in a cyber attack stemming from an unnamed “major vendor”.

Source: ARN

Tue, 14th Mar 2023

NBN Co makes 500 staff redundant

NBN Co has made the decision to make 500 employees redundant, impacting middle and senior management roles.

Source: ARN

NBN Co to make around 500 staff redundant

NBN Co is expecting to reduce the size of its workforce by around 10 percent, or around 500 positions in real terms, between now and the end of the financial year.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co and Western Sydney airport sign critical agreement

NBN Co has signed a master development agreement with the Western Sydney International Airport, bringing with it a bevvy of connectivity options.

Source: ARN

Mon, 13th Mar 2023

Compare Australia's best cheap NBN plans under $50

Explore a range of cheap NBN deals from under $50 per month with budget deals across providers like Exetel, Belong, TPG, and more.

Source: WhistleOut

Vocus' Melbourne data centre hit by power outage

Vocus is recovering from a pair of power outages at its Melbourne data centre on Monday morning which impacted a range of internet, cloud and other telecommunications-related services.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co eyes "transient international airlines" as customers

NBN Co is exploring a possible expansion of the satellite mobility service it sells to airlines that could see it offered to international carriers, presumably as they enter Australian airspace.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co switches chipsets for its HFC cable modems

NBN Co will introduce a new network termination device (NTD) - or cable modem - for its hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) network later this year, built around a new chipset sourced from Max Linear.

Source: iTnews Australia

Fri, 10th Mar 2023

NBN Co sees its first-ever dip in active HFC services

NBN Co saw its total number of HFC subscribers fall by almost 5700 through the back of 2022, despite there being no obvious upgrade path or replacement option.

Source: iTnews Australia

Origin offers internet customers 12 free months of Paramount Plus

Find out how new Origin internet customers can not only save on their bills each month but also score 12 months of Paramount Plus for free.

Source: WhistleOut

Thu, 09th Mar 2023

Free FTTP NBN Upgrades: Everything You Need to Know

If you're lucky enough to be able to get a free FTTP NBN upgrade, here's everything you need to know.

Source: WhistleOut

Wed, 08th Mar 2023

Subco announces landing extension for Oman Australia Cable

Connectivity solutions provider Subco unveiled its plan to deliver a landing for its 9,800 km-long Oman Australia Cable by extending a branch to Salalah, Oman.

Source: iTWire

Tue, 07th Mar 2023

Best Mobile Broadband Plans March 2023: Editor's Pick

Mobile Broadband is definitely the easiest, most convenient way to get online, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a plan.

Source: WhistleOut

Best Satellite NBN Plans March 2023: Compare & Save

Looking for the best value Satellite NBN plan? View our monthly picks and compare providers like SkyMesh, iiNet, IPSTAR and more.

Source: WhistleOut