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Broadband News

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Optus breaks silence on NBN Co's enterprise behaviour

Optus has broken its silence on NBN Co’s behaviour in the enterprise market, asking the government to stop NBN Co from “overbuilding competitive infrastructure” and to refocus efforts and investment on underserved areas.

Source: iTnews Australia

Aussie Broadband opens new call centre, partners with Learn Local

Internet service provider Aussie Broadband has expanded its network, establishing a new call centre in the outer Melbourne suburb of Lynbrook, and partnering with Learn Local to help meet its staffing requirement for the centre.

Source: iTWire

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

ACMA to review bushfire impact on Australian telco networks

Proposal floated to provide telcos access to emergency fuel stores for the purpose of providing generators with backup power during emergencies.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Vodafone tries, again, to force access to Telstra's regional mobile network

Vodafone is hoping to challenge one of the key grounds used by the ACCC to kill off a contentious bid two years ago to force Telstra's regional mobile network to be opened to rivals.

Source: iTnews Australia

Telsoc calls for Govt, political stakeholders to come together on bipartisan NBN strategy in ‘national interest’

Australia’s Telecommunications Association (Telsoc) has called for the Federal Government and all political stakeholders including the Opposition to come together to agree on a bipartisan strategy - in the national interest - to ensure that the National Broadband Network is technologically relevant and capable of delivering the services required by all Australians.

Source: iTWire

Telstra reveals 4x cost gap on 5G site builds

Telstra is expecting wide variation in the cost of deploying its 5G network, with some “macro” 5G sites four or more times more expensive to build than others.

Source: iTnews Australia

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Telstra may lose ground in regional Australia

Telstra may lose some of its traditional dominance in regional Australia as the NBN is completed, with the ACCC estimating up to 15 percent of the market could move to alternative providers.

Source: iTnews Australia

Telco Circles.life donating data boost proceeds to bushfire disaster relief fund

Circles.life, the Singapore-based telco that promises a “more likeable than hateable experience” - and which launched in the Australian market in August - is donating all data boost proceeds to the the Red Cross for bushfire disaster relief and recovery.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co Sky Muster outage extends past 24 hours

NBN Co is now over 24 hours into an outage of its Sky Muster satellite service that is affecting “some” or a “portion” of its 96,385 users nationwide.

Source: iTnews Australia

Downloads soar as Australians ‘binge’ on streaming, says ACCC

Australians are spending less time talking on their mobile phones and downloading substantially more data than they were even a year ago, according to Australia’s competition regulator, the ACCC.

Source: iTWire