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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dyn DDoS attack came from 100,000 infected devices

DNS Service provider Dyn said that Friday's massive internet disruption came from hackers using an estimated 100,000 devices, many of which have been infected with a notorious malware that can take over cameras and DVRs.

Source: ARN

Hanson backs call for Hawaiki Cable extension to Norfolk Island

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has called on the Australian government to back the extension of the Hawaiki Cable to Norfolk Island.

Source: Computerworld

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

ISPs facilitate piracy and should have to pay: Rights holders

The final day of the piracy site-blocking hearing saw the music studios argue that ISPs are sufficiently proximate to the infringement of copyright to have to bear legal and compliance costs.

Source: ZDNet Australia

ACCC seeks feedback on mobile roaming row

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has given telecommunications providers, consumers and lobby groups, one month to state their case for or against domestic mobile roaming.

Source: ARN

Vocus completes AU$861m acquisition of Nextgen Networks

Vocus is now the owner of Nextgen Networks, as well as two subsea cable systems, expanding its fibre network by tens of thousands of kilometres across Australia.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Department of Communications reviews ACCAN funding

The NBN rollout among other changes in the telco industry has sparked the government to review its funding of ACCAN for consumer representation and research.

Source: ZDNet Australia

IBM apologises over census 2016 outage

IBM's managing director fronts a Senate committee to apologise "unreservedly" for this year's 40-hour census outage, but admits nobody has been sacked or disciplined.

Source: ABC News

Monday, 24 October 2016

NBN to launch FttDP without G.fast

Despite being described as a 'central component' of FttDP in NBN's recently commissioned Ovum report, ZDNet understands G.fast will not be immediately enabled for the 2018 FttDP launch.

Source: ZDNet Australia

$10,000 Is All It Costs To Bring Down The Internet

For just US$7500, you can buy access to a botnet of shitty, compromised Internet of Things gadgets that can break the ‘net. You’ve got to know where to look, who to pay, and what digital target to aim at, but still. $10,000 is cheap.

Source: Gizmodo

Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind massive DDoS attack

A Chinese electronics component manufacturer says its products inadvertently played a role in a massive cyberattack that disrupted major internet sites in the U.S. on Friday.

Source: ARN

Friday, 21 October 2016

NBN Co reveals ambition to become IoT player

NBN Co has revealed it is looking beyond its government mandate to create an internet of things (IoT) business, connecting “non-premises infrastructure” like traffic lights and potentially offering wholesale compute and storage services.

Source: iTnews Australia

NBN Co tells world broadband forum of need for faster rollout to meet deadlines

NBN Co chief network and operations officer JB Rousselot has told the Broadband World Forum in London that the company needs to move faster in rolling out the broadband network and activating premises.

Source: iTWire

Optus providing satellites for Early Warning Network

The developer of the Early Warning Network has signed a deal to provide remote communications across Australia using Optus' satellites and the SatSleeve+.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Thursday, 20 October 2016

ACMA opens investigation into 5G mobile broadband spectrum

The ACMA is undertaking an initial investigation of the 1.5GHz and 3.6GHz spectrum bands for refarming to enable mobile broadband over future 5G networks.

Source: ZDNet Australia

ACMA starts discussion of spectrum re-farming for 5G

International plans for the early adoption of 3.6GHz for 5G services have led the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to bring forward public discussion of the use of this part of spectrum.

Source: iTWire

ABS apologises for AU$30m Census bungle, ISPs say IBM had standard DDoS protections disabled

Australian Statistician David Kalisch has told Senate Estimates the ABS incurred AU$30 million in remediation costs due to the Census night stuff-up.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Netflix Has More Customers Than Ever In Australia

Talk of a customer revolt has fizzled as Netflix’s growing stable of original content continues to win over new subscribers at home and abroad. It’s only 18 months since Netflix officially opened its doors in Australia but it’s already seen the demise of one local competitor in Presto, plus the foreign raider has forced Australia’s volatile Freeview consortium to finally build its long-promised cross-network streaming service which is set to launch in November.

Source: Gizmodo

Optus enhances 4G services across Canberra

Optus will boost its 4G services at more than 10 sites across Canberra to improve data coverage, download speeds and voice quality for its mobile customers.

Source: ARN

Basslink could unplug cable, warns Bryan Green

Tasmania's vital Basslink cable could be switched off if the company's finances do not improve, Opposition Leader Bryan Green says.

Source: ABC News

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

NBN satellite users waiting five weeks to connect, experiencing outages: Morrow

Due to greater than expected demand, satellite customers are having to wait an average of five weeks to be connected and are experiencing 'multiple' network failures, NBN CEO Bill Morrow has said.

Source: ZDNet Australia