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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

NBN write-down no solution; what about upgrade, asks ISP

The head of a small Internet service provider has questioned whether a write-down of the value of the national broadband network will end up being the panacea it is increasingly painted as, pointing out that the main problem facing the network is how it should be upgraded to full fibre after the initial build is over.

Source: iTWire

NBN blamed for ruining heritage-listed footpaths

NBN Co is accused of making a poor effort to repair footpaths in inner Sydney, including some that are heritage-listed, after ripping them up to install internet cables.

Source: ABC News

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Inside Story Of Aussie Broadband's Anti-Racism Hold Message

We're all familiar with the automated messages that play on loop when you're stuck on call waiting. They tend to alternate between assurances of how important your time is to them, and information regarding where you can submit your query online and thus free up the queue. Last week my partner and I were sitting on hold with Aussie Broadband and experienced a message unlike any other we had before. It informed customers that racially-motivated abuse from customers was unacceptable.

Source: Gizmodo

NBN finally has a 50Mbps or quicker majority network

People will move to higher speeds on the National Broadband Network if its prices are cut.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN 12Mbps plan sellers come under scrutiny

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has finally moved to shore up internet performance for users of NBN 12Mbps services, 10 months after concerns were first raised.

Source: iTnews Australia

Almost a quarter of NBN-connected households still opting for 12Mbps

New figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reveal that efforts by NBN Co to promote the take-up of higher speed broadband plans have had an impact, but a significant proportion of households are still opting for the slowest speed tier.

Source: Computerworld

Monday, 11 February 2019

People calling for NBN write-down actually want dramatic price cut: NBN CEO

NBN claims that should a wholesale price cut occur, Australia's digital future is over.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Aussie Broadband predicts long wait for affordable gigabit speeds

Aussie Broadband managing director Phillip Britt believes affordable gigabit speeds in Australia are still “a while” away, requiring - in part - “a change of mindset at NBN Co” to become a reality.

Source: iTnews Australia

Long wait times as Australian telcos get 88 million customer calls

Australia’s five telecommunications companies received more than 88 million enquiries from customers in the 12 months of the 2017-18 financial year and just over 70% of enquiries were resolved on first contact - but in some cases cutomers had to wait up to 4 to 6 minutes for their call to be answered, according to a new report on the customer service performance of telcos from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Source: iTWire

Tired of waiting on the phone, telco customers opt for web chat

A total of 15 per cent of telco customers in Australia prefer web chat over phone conversations when enquiring with its provider.

Source: ARN

Sunshine Coast cable landing station build begins

Construction is now underway on the $6.6 million cable landing station, the major land-based facility for the $35 million Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable network.

Source: iTWire

ACCAN: Low-income Australians cannot afford NBN

Australians have been forced onto higher-end plans, ACCAN has said, and should be offered 50Mbps unlimited NBN connections for AU$30 a month under a government concession.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Friday, 8 February 2019

Internet delivered via underwater cable promises to transform Christmas Island

A new undersea cable from Singapore promises to bring for the first time high-speed, reliable internet to Christmas Island, one of Australia's most remote territories. For young people especially, it's a welcome upgrade.

Source: ABC News

What does the end of TPG's mobile network mean?

Industry specialists believe that TPG ceased the rollout of its mobile network for many reasons but not because of the Government ban on Huawei equipment.

Source: ARN

Telstra ‘chaos’ with job allocation system meltdown, says union

The CEPU Communications Union claims homes and businesses across Australia suffered from faults without technician support or repairs and missed installations due to a meltdown on Thursday of Telstra’s internal job allocation system that controls sending workers and contractors to a job.

Source: iTWire

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Virgin Media trials 8.5Gbps broadband in the UK

Virgin is using Arris DOCSIS and EPON technology across its existing fibre broadband network to bring speeds of around 8.5Gbps to 50 trial customers in Cambridgeshire.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Aussie Broadband kicks off network upgrade

NBN retailer Aussie Broadband is buying international capacity on four subsea cable systems, as well as upgrading its core network with Cisco.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra plans $160m spend on Vic mobile network projects

Telstra has plans to invest more than $160 million on 600 mobile network projects in Victoria during the 2018-19 financial year, with the aim of eliminating black spots, improving data speeds and capacity.

Source: iTWire

Aussie Broadband taps Cisco for network upgrade

Aussie Broadband has announced plans for a national and international upgrade to support 500,000 users, in partnership with Cisco and Telstra.

Source: ARN

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Aussie Broadband kicks off enormous core overhaul

Aussie Broadband has started a major core network upgrade flagged in September last year, deploying new Cisco routers and boosting capacity between its core data centres as well as on intercapital and international routes.

Source: iTnews Australia