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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

NBN Co to unmeter over 70 percent of traffic on Sky Muster Plus

NBN Co will permanently unmeter all internet traffic bar “video streaming and VPN” on its Sky Muster Plus service, with the government saying as much as 70 percent of usage will now be covered.

Source: iTnews Australia

This is no time to talk of upgrading the NBN to fibre

There was a time when it made sense to suggest to the Federal Government ways and means of upgrading the national broadband network to an all-fibre one. But that time is not now, not when the country is battling hard to keep the outbreak of a disease under control, not when the financial aid and plans that deliver it to individuals out of work should be immediate.

Source: iTWire

Covid-19 puts extra strain on Internet, telcos urged to purchase more capacity

One in three (39%) Australians already face regular streaming dropouts and the demand for the Internet is about to surge as more Australians remain housebound due to the Covit-19 pandemic, according to comparison website Finder which says telcos should purchase more capacity from the NBN to help Internet users working from home through the crisis.

Source: iTWire

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

How much data does Zoom use?

Do you have enough data for all your Zoom video meetings?

Source: WhistleOut

Every telco's COVID-19 assistance package

With much of the nation being urged to work from home, and schools and universities preparing to shift to online learning, our telcos are recognising how important it is for us to stay connected.

Source: WhistleOut

Telstra reveals 20x call volume increase to govt call centres

Telstra is working to improve interconnection, capacity and routing of voice calls as its networks are hammered by large increases in call volumes.

Source: iTnews Australia

Netflix to crunch streaming bandwidth to ease broadband congestion

US entertainment giant Netflix will reduce the data its streaming service in Australia consumes in a bid to reduce the congestion on the National Broadband Network caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: SMH

Telstra voice services impacted by high number of calls to government agencies

The fallout of Australians rushing to sign up to government services as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the planet has created congestion in Telstra's voice network.

Source: ZDNet Australia

As more people work from home, Telstra's Penn makes silly plea

In the midst of any national crisis, it is common to find people who want to make themselves heard somehow, even if they can only do so by making the most stupid statements possible. That is clearly the case with the utterance issued by Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn who has called on Australians to be more mindful of how they use the Internet.

Source: iTWire

Monday, 23 March 2020

Telstra closes 23 stores nationwide

​Telstra has moved to close 23 of its 350 stores around the country, as the telco works to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Source: ARN

YouTube, Amazon Prime forgo streaming quality to relieve European networks

YouTube and Amazon Prime will sacrifice streaming quality in the EU to help avert internet gridlock as tens of millions of Europeans, confined by the coronavirus outbreak, switch to working from home.

Source: iTnews Australia

Netflix to slash traffic across Europe to relieve virus strain on internet providers

Netflix Inc said it will cut traffic by 25 percent on networks across Europe in a relief measure for internet service providers (ISPs) experiencing a surge in usage due to government "shelter in place" orders aimed at slowing the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: iTnews Australia

New NBN connections added by up to 40,000 weekly

Thirty thousand to 40,000 additional connections are being made every week to the National Broadband Network as the rollout of the network continues.

Source: iTWire

Friday, 20 March 2020

Telstra brand hijacked as coronavirus-themed scams hit Aussies

Telstra is among the local companies whose brands have been hijacked by online scammers trying to make a buck from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Source: ARN

Telstra pauses job cuts for six months, to hire 1000 extra call centre staff

Staff at Telstra on the chopping block as part of its aggressive T22 restructuring plan have been granted a six-month reprieve to complement economic stimulus efforts in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: iTnews Australia

Telstra halts redundancies for 6 months amid COVID-19 pandemic

Telstra has frozen its headcount reduction program for six months as the coronavirus pandemic creates unprecedented demand on its network and services.

Source: ARN

Coronavirus response sees Telstra pause job cuts for six months

Telco to hire 1,000 temporary call centre workers in Australia and bring forward AU$500 million of 5G network spend.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN Co to suspend half-price internet for 'first timers' offer

NBN Co is set to suspend its offer of half-price internet for a year for long-term holdouts to its network, citing bad timing as the cause.

Source: iTnews Australia

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Internet infrastructure under strain as COVID-19 hits

Internet infrastructure has experienced significant growth in demand and is being strained due to the increased amount of people confined to their home because of the coronavirus pandemic, consequently working and shopping remotely due to the enforced precautionary measures, according to a new report.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co's fair value estimated at just $8.7 billion

NBN Co has been estimated by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) to have a fair value - or saleable value - of just $8.7 billion at the end of June 2019, a bit less than one-third of the equity the government put into it.

Source: iTnews Australia