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Monday, 12 December 2016

NBN cut-off date looms for almost 350,000 Australian homes and businesses

Many Australians risk losing their phone and internet access in 2017, with their home services cut off if they fail to switch to the National Broadband Network service available in their area.

Source: SMH

Stop using vulnerable Netgear routers: CMU CERT

Users of certain models of mass-market Netgear routers have been advised by Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to stop using the devices until a serious and easily exploited flaw is fixed.

Source: iTnews Australia

Vodafone fills CTO role in Australia

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has named Kevin Millroy as CTO, following the departure of Benoit Hanssen in August.

Source: ARN

Thursday, 8 December 2016

NBN Co says it's still too early for MTM operating costs

NBN Co does not have a “defined operating cost” for each access technology in its multi-technology mix, and claims any attempt to apportion costs now would be “misleading”.

Source: iTnews Australia

Vodafone Will Sell You A Sony Phone And A PS4 So You Can Sony While You Sony

Do you need a new phone? Could you also use a new PS4 while you're at it, too? Vodafone has a new bundle that gets you a shiny new PlayStation 4 Slim and Sony's mid-range Xperia X -- presumably so you can play PS4 games on your phone using Remote Play.

Source: Gizmodo

Symbio Networks strikes Aussie VoIP deal with MyRepublic

Backed by Symbio, MyRepublic will deliver VoIP over the NBN and ADSL in Australia.

Source: ARN

NBN hits snag in FTTdp adoption

NBN Co is concerned that up to one million users in its planned fibre-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) rollout could fall afoul of Australia's electricity laws due to the way the network equipment is powered.

Source: iTnews Australia

The Australian Government Is Letting Netflix Classify Its Own Shows

Netflix recently made an appeal to the Federal Government to allow a self-classification system, bringing streaming services on par with broadcasters and the digital games industry - ultimately meaning Aussies don't have such huge delays between when shows become available, and when we get to see them.

Source: Gizmodo

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rowland says govt supressing unflattering NBN information

Labor’s broadband spokesperson, Michelle Rowland, has accused the government of suppressing unflattering information about the NBN, citing its refusal to release redacted portions of the 2013 strategic review into the National Broadband Network.

Source: Computerworld

TPG to focus on FttB, mobile, corporate business to manage NBN margin squeeze

Australian telco TPG will look to boost its on-net business and get into mobile in both Australia and Singapore to make up for margin pressure felt as its ADSL business comes to an end.

Source: ZDNet Australia

BigAir shareholders approve Superloop acquisition

Over 97 percent of shareholders in BigAir voted for the company's purchase by fibre infrastructure company Superloop.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Regional Australia is crying out for equitable access to broadband

Internet and broadband connectivity are the foundation of the networked economy. But to ensure the benefits of the networked economy are evenly distributed, the Australian government needs to ensure access to the internet to encourage and support innovation.

Source: PC Authority

TPG shares soar after Teoh reassures investors

TPG shares jumped today following several months of decline, after the telco reassured shareholders it had plans to combat low profit margins from the national broadband network.

Source: iTnews Australia

Nokia, Vodafone eye 4G rollout for Melbourne’s train system

Nokia and Vodafone have teamed up for a proposal that would see them roll out 4G across Melbourne’s train system.

Source: Computerworld

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Telstra could miss out on billions after calls to scrap USO agreement

Telstra could see billions of dollars in federal funding dry up after calls to scrap the company’s Universal Service Obligation arrangement with the government.

Source: ARN

'A fraught experience': NBN creating digital divide in some areas

NBN customer David Sneddon sometimes has to go to extreme lengths — like putting his internet dongle up a tree — to get an internet connection at his home, located in one of the nation's first rollout areas.

Source: ABC News

Alcatel-Lucent to build Australia Singapore Cable

Vocus has picked Nokia-owned Alcatel-Lucent to build the subsea cable connecting Perth, Western Australia and Singapore.

Source: iTnews Australia

Aussies Continue To Shop In Stores Despite Existence Of Internet

As a city dweller relying on public transport, online shopping has changed my life. I haven't set foot inside a supermarket (outside of emergencies) for almost three years. But that's not the norm - in fact it's far from it - with new research revealing just three per cent of Australians do their grocery shopping online.

Source: Gizmodo

Vocus inks deal with Alcatel-Lucent for $228 million Australia Singapore Cable

Vocus Group has secured a deal with Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks for the construction of the $228 million Australia Singapore Cable (ASC).

Source: ARN

SA calls for 'urgent' audit of mobile blackspot funding

The South Australian Labor government has called for an "urgent" investigation into the federal government's latest round of funding for mobile blackspots, claiming it has been short-changed.

Source: iTnews Australia