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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Telstra to contact NBN customers on slow services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced on Thursday that Telstra will be contacting its consumers with NBN plans that are at higher speeds than their connection can handle.

Source: ZDNet Australia

Telstra, contacting customers with slow NBN speeds

Customers of Telstra and its subsidiary broadband provider, Belong, that upgraded to higher-speed NBN plans will be proactively contacted if they are not getting the maximum speed available under the plan.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co looks to retain customers and grow their “lifetime value”

NBN Co has reinforced its Salesforce stack to span seven “clouds” as it prepares to shift from a phase of customer acquisition to retention and growth of the “lifetime value” of customers to the company.

Source: iTnews Australia

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

NBN Co rolls out ‘Network on Wheels’ to mitigate bushfire damage

NBN Co says it has deployed on of its ‘Network on Wheels’ trailers in an effort to keep online more than 3000 broadband services in the Mid North Coast.

Source: ARN

NBN apologises after worker 'smashes up' asbestos near home without proper warning

When a worker in a hazmat suit erected danger tape across his driveway and began extracting asbestos from a pit, an Albany father wondered why he wasn't notified.

Source: ABC News

NBN Co claims internet providers will milk it for rebates

NBN Co has preemptively accused internet providers of harbouring a desire to milk higher rebates on faulty or slow services for “windfall gains”, even if it prolongs problems for their own customers.

Source: iTnews Australia

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

ACCC chief warns digital takeovers of rivals pose threat to consumer choice, privacy

The chief of Australia’s competition regulator, the ACCC, Rod Sims has warned that the takeovers of smaller rivals by digital platforms, including their data sets, may pose a threat to consumers’ choice and privacy.

Source: iTWire

ACMA requests ISPs to block two illegal offshore gambling websites

The telecoms regulator ACMA has requested Australian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block illegal offshore gambling websites Emu Casino and Fair Go Casino.

Source: iTWire

NBN Co says no need for any ACCC intervention in service standards

The NBN Co, the company rolling out Australia's broadband network, has questioned the need for any regulatory intervention into its wholesale service standards at this time as, in its view, the ACCC's draft decision on these aspects had not provided any evidence of market failure.

Source: iTWire

Optus welcomes ACCC draft determination on NBN wholesale service standards

Australia's second biggest telco Optus has welcomed the draft decision by the ACCC stemming from its NBN wholesale service standards inquiry, saying that the inquiry should hold the NBN Co to account for service standards expected by retail service providers and end-users.

Source: iTWire

Under-fire Telstra takes action to buy back debt on remote rip-off contracts

The telco says it will refund debts of more than $1,000 for customers sold mobile phones and contracts they could not afford.

Source: ABC News

Monday, 18 November 2019

Some of NBN's 8,000 non-serviceable premises waiting over 36 months: Telstra

The company responsible for deploying the National Broadband Network across Australia is leaving multiple thousands of premises behind in its rollout, Telstra has said.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN Co is skipping 'thousands' of premises a month

NBN Co is leaving progressively more premises unable to connect to its network for two or more years, new statistics from Telstra show.

Source: iTnews Australia

Vodafone wants NBN connections to match ‘sticker’ speeds

Vodafone has backed an idea floated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that would see NBN Co introducing a speed ‘buffer’ so that a household’s broadband connection more closely matches its wholesale speed tier.

Source: Computerworld

NBN Co threatens to halt future FTTN upgrades

NBN Co claims future - presumably discretionary - upgrades of its fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) services and to “rehabilitation of the copper network” are under threat because of a punitive rebate scheme proposed by regulators.

Source: iTnews Australia

Friday, 15 November 2019

Telstra claims policy and framework needed for 5G rollout

Telstra has called for the establishment of a policy and regulatory framework for investment and innovation in business and other use cases.

Source: ARN

NBN increasing 12Mbps connections for first time in a year: ACCC

After peaking at 1.2 million premises at this time last year, and heading downward for the following twelve months, the number of premises on NBN's 12/1Mbps plans is once again headed in an upward trajectory.

Source: ZDNet Australia

NBN migrations boost Optus revenue, but 1H profit drops

Optus saw an increase in customers and higher NBN migration payments which helped the telco's revenue grow 1.8 per cent, to $4.4 billion for the half year ended 30 September but that was not enough to help Optus' profit.

Source: Computerworld

Uptake of NBN Co’s slowest speed tier grows for the first time in a year

New figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissioner (ACCC) have revealed that services on NBN Co’s slowest wholesale speed tier — which offers downloads of up to 12 megabits per second and 1Mbps uploads — have increased for the first time since mid-2018.

Source: Computerworld

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Google labels ACCC's location data privacy claims as 'out of context'

The Australia Federal Court has directed the ACCC to clarify the issues it wants to have settled in court.

Source: ZDNet Australia